All Policies

Access to Fair Assessment Policy February 2019

Absconding Policy June 2018


Anti-bullying Policy Mach 2017

Attendance Policy Sept 2017

Behaviour and Discipline Policy March 2019

Body Piercing Policy March 2017

Bracknell Forest Schools Complaints Policy May 2016


Charges-Remissions-Policy-February 2016


Complaints Policy March 2019

Confidentiality Policy March 2017

Confiscation of Inappropriate Items Policy March 2019

Cover Policy, March 2018

Data Protection Policy May 2018

Drugs Policy June 2016

Educational Trips and Visits Policy February 2018

Equal Opportunities Policy Nov 2016

Equality Policy Statement Nov 2016

E-Safety Policy June 2017

Exam Policy Oct 2018

Exclusion Policy, March 2019


Governor Visits Policy June 17

Governor Induction Policy March 2016

Governors Allowances Policy Sept 2018

Health and Safety Policy June 2017

Home-School-Agreement-October 2018

Jewellery and body piercing Policy, Feb 2019

Legionella Management Policy, Dec 2017

Children Looked After Policy, Oct 2018


Mobile Phone Policy, Jan 2018

Pay Policy October 2018


Provider Access Policy, Sept 2018

Provision of References Policy Jan 2017

PSHE Policy June 2017

Publication-Scheme June 2018

Records Management Policy June 2017

Recruitment and Selection Policy Oct 2017

Religious Education and Collective Worship June 2017

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Sept 2018

Safeguarding requirements for staff and volunteers

School Complaints Leaflet June 15

SEND policy Oct 18

Sex – sexual health and relationships Policy June 2017

Single Equality Plan June 2017

Staff sickness and absence Policy, Feb 2019

Student use of motor vehicles November 2016

Substance-Misuse-Policy June 2018

Teaching, Learning and Assessment – February 2019

Term-time-leave March 2018

TOIL Policy November 2015

Travel Plan January 2019

Uniform Policy June 2016

Use of reasonable force advice July 2015

Visitor code of conduct, Dec 2017


Whole School Literacy and Numeracy Policy, Nov 2017

Young Carer Policy, Oct 2018


The school Emergency Plan is an internal document due to its nature. It was last reviewed by Governors in November 2017; the next scheduled review date is Autumn 2019.

We are always keen to receive parental input and value the role that our parent governors play in the formation of all our school policies.

To request a paper copy of any of our policies, please contact main school reception, or email