Bag 2 School deadline draws closer…

We have only 2 weeks left of this term and therefore only 2 weeks left to gather as many donations as possible for our Student Council fundraiser ‘Bag 2 School’.

This fundraiser benefits so many different people as the items donated go to countries living in poverty, where they can be reused and therefore a part of a circular economy. This means that items we no longer need or want are not wasted and sent to pile up in a dumping ground, they are instead reused or remodelled into new and much needed items for other people. This short video on ‘The Circular Economy’ has been shared with all of our tutor groups to help highlight the importance of changing the way we consider our waste. Sometimes, one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure, or at least maybe, that second man knows how to create treasure out of the trash materials…

We really need your help! Every item donated helps to raise funds for the school as for each kg donated, we receive 40p. Whatever is raised goes directly into buying items for the school that benefit our students. Last year, with the £300 raised, new dictionaries were bought for the English department, new equipment was purchased for the developing onsite gym and money towards the new lighting in the theatre helped to strengthen our school productions.

You can donate easily by dropping off your items at our school reception. We are looking for:

  • clothing
  • soft toys
  • belts
  • handbags
  • paired shoes
  • hats

Thank you in advance for your support and especially to all of those who have already taken the time to bring their donations in.