Bag 2 School fundraiser raises £320.28!


After a sterling effort over the past 5 weeks and 3 days, students from student council have done a fantastic job in raising awareness of the Bag 2 School fundraiser, which has seen students, staff, parents and members of the public dropping off their clothing donations on a daily basis! We managed to pack over 100 bags for collection and have absolutely smashed our target of £100! This has enabled us to help fund further projects in school.

£100 of the money raised will be used by the English team to buy new dictionaries and thesauruses.

£100 will be used to help fund the new gym that Miss Swift is working on with the PE team.

And £120.28p will go towards fixing our lighting box in the theatre. Our PA team and student Ambassadors have been working really hard all year to raise funds to try and get the lighting box fixed so really value your support.

What a way to start the holidays!