Bag 2 School starts again in the New Year

Last year we managed to raise over £300 from students, parents and our local community donating their unwanted or surplus clothing, soft toys, paired shoes, handbags and belts. This year we aim to raise more money and generate even more awareness of the good that comes from donating to this cause.

In January 2019 our School Council will be accepting donations of:

  • Clothes you no longer want or fit into! 
  • Paired shoes (tie the laces please!)
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Handbags
  • Soft toys

These can be dropped at our reception where they will be collected and stored. All donations go towards supporting the circular economy. This means that anything you don’t want is reused and recycled, worn by other people who may not have as much as us, in Asia, Eastern and Western Europe and Africa. As you may know, throughout all stages of textile production, the aquatic, terrestrial, and atmospheric ecosystems experience lasting environmental harm. One of these harmful effects is the release of greenhouse gases into the air, thus polluting these various ecosystems. If you throw out your unwanted items they may simply be taken to the dump where it takes hundreds if not thousands of years for them to degrade, all the while polluting the atmosphere. Worse still, a lot of the time unwanted clothing is actually sent to other poorer countries to degrade, causing further pollution as waste is being shipped or even flown to other areas of the world.

We look forward to sharing more information on this topic in the New Year, but wanted to let you know of what we intend to do so that if you have a Spring Clean this holiday, we are here from the 7th Jan to take unwanted items off your hands and raise money for a good cause.

Last year your donations enabled us to purchase equipment for the gym, to fix lighting in the theatre and to buy new dictionaries for English classrooms.

if you have any questions about donating, please do email