Bike It Crew share safe cycling tips with Wooden Hill Primary School

Students from our Bike It Crew have been working towards the Silver Sustrans Award all year, sharing information on the importance of cycling proficiency, cycle maintenance and reducing your carbon footprint. For the past three years, students have shared this message in a variety of ways: through assemblies, workshops, Dr Bike sessions, criss cross days and tutor time activities to name a few. Now they have ventured out into the community to share their work!

Students prepared some ice breaker activities for the Year 5 students, before then creating a carousel of 3 activities: route mapping, the M check and debating road rules. Despite our student’s nerves, they planned and led the entire session, confidently answering questions and working together to support one another in their delivery. The Year 5 students were a pleasure to work with and our Bike It Crew can’t wait to plan another visit next year!

A huge thank you to Wooden Hill Primary School and Mrs Critchlow, the Deputy Headteacher, for supporting our students, and thank you to Ms Swift, Mrs Wise and Mr Stephenson for all of their work with the Bike It Crew in the final weeks to bring everything together.

If any other local primary schools would like to work with us – please do get in touch!