Camps International trip report

Written by Georgia Jones, Year 11

This the summer, Will, Beth, Chloe and I traveled out to Kenya, with Camps International, to help in the communities. We stayed in 5 different camps and were assigned project work for each camp we were at. The project work differed everyday from building water tanks to insulating homes for sick people and even painting classrooms for the children in the local school.

During our month in Kenya we tried different foods and experienced how they live. In some of the camps we were limited to one bucket a night to shower with because the community had little access to water and they were going through a drought.  The food we were served was often rice, beans, lentils and chapatis as they had a limited supply to crops.

All of us can agree that it was a trip of a lifetime and that it has made us appreciate what we have at home. We’d really encourage any students considering being part of the next Camps International trip to seize this very special opportunity. Find below a few pictures to give you a taster of what we got up to.