Chloe, Year 10, gains work experience as a barrister

Last month I visited Chichester crown court as a part of the school’s Fujitsu mentoring programme. I travelled down to the court on a Tuesday afternoon when I was first greeted at the court by a lovely barrister called Hazel. Before entering the court we had to have a security check and after doing this we went into a small court room where I met one of the senior judges who told me about her experiences in law and how she got onto this career path. We were then taken down into the cells, (which were freezing!) to look around then went into the court which was spectacular. After sitting in the court for a while we then walked down to Hazel’s chambers where I had a tour of the offices which wasn’t quite as exciting as the court! We then sat down and had a long conversation about Hazels route into law as a woman and the various challenges she was faced with and how she overcame them. She then introduced me to the senior Clark at her chambers who spoke to me about university options and what qualities and qualifications he looks for when employing young barristers which I found very useful. Finally I tried on the wig and gown that I would have to wear if I become a barrister myself. Overall the trip gave me a huge insight into law and the career I am wanting to go into in the future. This mentoring programme has helped me develop my understanding of law and help me to become a more confident individual. From the amazing experience I have left with high aspirations and am still very passionate to go into this career. This trip was an extremely informative, amazing opportunity.

Written by Chloe, Year 10.