Congratulations Year 11!

Congratulations to our fantastic Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE results. As students opened their results envelopes this morning, there was a palpable excitement in the air! A significant number of teachers and parents were also present to support the students and to celebrate their achievements with them.

We are pleased that the hard work of this year group has born fruit; they have much to be proud of, and these results will provide them with an excellent grounding for the future.

There were many notable individual performances including:

  • Jack Davies, who achieved 9 GCSEs at Grades A-A* (or equivalent).
  • Zoe Woods, who achieved 8 GCSEs at Grades A-A* and 1 at Grade B (or equivalent).
  • Emma Pearson, who achieved 6 GCSEs at Grades A-A* and 3 GCSEs at Grade B (or equivalent).    
  • Eloise Scutt, who achieved 6 GCSEs at Grades A-A* and 2 at Grade B (or equivalent).

The results of the Class of 2018 represent a fantastic year for the school, with a whopping 40% of students achieved at least 1 GCSE at Grades A-A* or equivalent. Students performed strongly in the core subjects, with over 50% achieving a standard pass or higher in both English and Maths. 17% of students achieved a Grade 7-9 in English.

Strong results were achieved in a number of subjects, with 100% of students obtaining Level 2 passes in D/T Food, PE and Performing Arts. 71% of all entries for Performing Arts achieved Distinctions or Distinction Stars, equivalent to GCSE A/A*. Elsewhere in the curriculum, students also thrived. Of particular noteworthiness was students performance in Photography, Art, Media and Music, the latter of which saw 64% of students obtaining the top grades.

We are also thrilled with the performance of our students in Computer Science, a subject that has received much press about the academic rigour required to succeed. 40% of students in Computer Science achieved GCSE Grades 7-9, a fantastic result!

At EPCS, we believe education is about far more than just excellent academic outcomes and we are proud of our students for the effort they put in to support their studies. Not everyone will get the top grades but the Class of 2018 leave us as confident and thoughtful individuals, intellectually curious, ready for whatever opportunities and challenges the future throws at them. They are a fantastic bunch of young people and our community should be proud of them.  I look forward to seeing the majority of them back in September, as they embark on the next stage in their journey at EPCS6, and working with them as they begin applying for universities and apprenticeships with top companies.

A huge thank you to all of the teaching staff for their unswerving hard work and effort with this year group, and also to the parents of these students for their continued support.

Mrs L Cook