Support for Responsible Internet Use | Easthampstead Park Community School

Support for Responsible Internet Use
Students should not:

  • Search, view or retrieve materials not related to the aims of the curriculum or future careers
  • Copy, save or redistribute Copyright-protected materials
  • Subscribe to any online services or order goods or services
  • Play computer games or use online ‘chat’ sites, including sites such as ‘Bebo’ and ‘Facebook’
  • Use the network in such a way as to disturb the Internet use of others e.g. large file downloads
  • Publish, share or distribute personal information about themselves or their classmates e.g. home address, phone numbers etc.
  • Download software
  • Access any website that involves gambling, games or financial scams
  • Print or post pictures or comments relating to peers or other community members ‘doctored’  to cause offence or distress
  • Use offensive or derogatory language in any blog post
  • Partake of any activity that breaks a school rule
  • Leave your computer logged on and unattended as you are responsible for your account

If ANY student has concerns about the use of the Internet, or content that they access accidentally or observe, they should:

  • In every instance, alert the class teacher in charge of the session or your form tutor
  • If the incident/issue is deemed to be important, they will escalate it to the IT Technical support team
  • Please remember that ALL Internet usage is logged and can be checked for inappropriate access of websites. In addition, classes are regularly monitored and ‘screen grabs’ of ANY Internet usage not conforming to school rules will be taken and presented as evidence to Heads of Year.
  • If you have a concern about inappropriate postings please follow the same process and it will be escalated to the Child Protection Team in school

Internet Links

www.iwf.org.uk – Internet Watch Foundation

www.flickr.com/guidelines.gne – Flickr Safety guidelines

http://icanhaz.com/YouTubeAbuseSafety – YouTube reporting of inappropriate content

http://www.vodafone.com/content/parents.html – Digital Parenting resources provided by Vodafone

E Safety




Internet Matters

Internet Matters is an independent, not-for-profit organisation to help parents keep their children safe online. Our research has found that 74% of parents want more information and  advice about child internet safety. In response, the four major internet service providers in the UK (BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media) have got together to launch Internet Matters. Supported by leading experts, we have developed this online portal specifically designed for all parents to access simple, easy and practical advice so that you can make confident, informed choices when it comes to  children’s online safety.


Facebook resources provided by Bracknell Forest Borough Council:

Mobile Fence – a resource to support parents in monitoring their child’s smart phone or tablet usage.