At EPCS, we recognise that to succeed at Level 3 qualifications, it is vital that students are undertaking regular self guided study, wider reading and revision outside of lessons.

For Level 3 qualifications there is an expectation that students will complete an additional hour of work for every hour’s lesson that they have; only in this way can they hope to be successful in their examinations. Teachers will set this work in a variety of ways, sometimes setting a piece of extended writing or research or additional reading. Where no specific work is set, students are expected to consolidate their knowledge and understanding through additional work, reading and revision.

Students on the Ready to Work course will be set homework by each of their teachers and there is an expectation that all work will be completed by the deadline set. The amount of work set will depend on what students are studying and what they need to complete to be successful.

All homework in EPCS6 is set via Google Classroom. Students will be members of a Google Classroom for each subject they study (and in some cases two Google classrooms where two different teachers are teaching different aspects of a course.) Homework will sometimes be submitted via the Google Classroom electronic ‘turn in’ process, and on other occasions via traditional methods.