PE Core Lessons – Key Stage 4


All students in Key Stage 3 and 4 have three lessons a fortnight (70 mins). The curriculum is organised with regard to the individuals in the group, the facilities and the specialist teacher for the group. All students follow different activities throughout the key stage and are assessed in each activity.

Each group in each year follows a different programme taken from the majority of the activity areas below.

Activity Area Activities
Outwitting Opponents Games Activities
Accurate Replication of Actions Games Activities, Gymnastic Skills
Exploring and Communicating ideas, Concepts and Emotions Dance (delivered in lessons outside of PE) and Gymnastic Activities.
Performing at Maximum Levels Athletics and Games Activities
Identifying and Solving Problems Enrichment Days and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities
Exercising Safely and Effectively Health and Well Being Activities


Year 9, 10 and 11 are graded using the RESPECT criteria and again are awarded grades using medals (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Each term students are awarded a medal based on each aspect of RESPECT:

Responsibility – Taking charge of parts of lessons, groups etc.
Effort – Consistent effort in all lessons and activities.
Sportsmanship – Graceful in winning and defeat, sportsmanlike in their conduct.
Progress – Improving within the activity or approach to lessons.
Encouragement – Of their peers, supportive and positive.
Communication – Effective communication within practise situations and during game play.
Teamwork – Working effectively within their teams to achieve goals / targets or to overcome challenges.


Year 11 PE TheoryNCFE Level 2 Certificate in Health and Fitness

Over the duration of the course students study four units:


  • Unit 01 Principles of health and fitness (internally assessed portfolio of evidence)
  • Unit 02 Healthy lifestyles (internally assessed portfolio of evidence)
  • Unit 03 Preparing and planning for health and fitness (externally set and marked assessment paper)
  • Unit 04 Develop a personal health and fitness programme (internally assessed portfolio of evidence)


Year 9 and 10Level 1 / 2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness


Over the duration of the course students cover the following information within two units:


  • The principles of health and fitness.
  • How to follow and recommend a healthy lifestyle.
  • How to prepare and plan for health and fitness.
  • You will develop a health and fitness programme.


They are assessed over two units, one unit is externally assessed by a written exam and one unit is assessed through a written piece of coursework.