Subject: Geography Head of Department: Liz Taplin-Bishop

Autumn Term (term 1 and 2) Y7 –  Exploring Britain, Exploring Africa

Spring Term (term 3 and 4) Y7  –  Exploring Russia, Exploring Asia

Summer Term (term 5 and 6) Y8 – Exploring Middle East, Passport to the World
Autumn Term (term 1 and 2)  Y8 – Use of natural resources and impacts on the earth, Restless Earth

Spring Term (term 3 and 4)  Y8  Weather and Climate, Urbanisation

Summer Term  (term 5 and 6) Y8 – Ecosystems, Map Skills

How we assess students: Students are assessed formatively once every half term through a written assessment piece. They are also assessed on their classwork and homework projects.
How homework is set (please see Discovery homework timetable on our website for details ): Project set in term 1 and term 4.
How parents/carers can support their child: By discussing Geography lessons with students and how they feel they are progressing, focusing on their understanding of the content being covered.
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