Help me to keep students safe!

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Please, can I appeal to parents to not drop your child outside the front of school reception unless they have a disability? I have appealed before to ask you not to drop off or pick up on the roundabout and in the car park next to the pavilion. (With some making a speedy turnaround before exiting the car park which has resulted in a near miss incident this week)

This week I have received over four complaints from people reporting near misses or reports from people using the site without regard for others. The signage is in place and really clear. Please, can I ask you all to think about the needs of all the children not just your own? We do not have the money to put in additional electronic gates and I, therefore, rely on you all to do the right thing for the benefit of all within the community.

If you are asked to move on please do not be rude to the staff they are simply doing as they are expected to which is to try and maintain a safe environment for all when exiting and arriving at the site. Thank you

Liz Cook