Higher Ability Students

HAS at EPCS are established using Key Stage 2 data. In order to become a member of this group, students must have an average point score of a Level 5 in English and Maths when they join us.

HAS progress is tracked by Miss Kerry Lees, our HAS co-ordinator, who also organises additional trips for HAS students in order to raise aspirations and motivate students academically. HAS progress is fundamental for students looking to secure a place at a top university and as such, regular meetings with HAS students will ensure students are on the right track for their chosen career.

  • Half-termly HAS meetings will ensure students understand subject data and check that students have conversations with parents and teachers about their progress.
  • External companies offer workshops to HAS students, covering interview technqiues and letters of application.
  • HAS trips to Universities and talks on careers encourage high aspirations.
  • HAS challenges and the HAS Drive incentiv, ensure students continually ask for more challenging work and extension tasks to boost their grades.
  • HAS tracking ensures all students are pushed to achieve their maximum potential, with students who require additional support and guidance recieving mentoring on a bi-weekly basis.

Every teacher within school differentiates learning to enable all students to access the curriculum, however, here at EPCS, all teachers have a ‘top-down’ approach, to ensure we are consistently challenging students. We recognise that there may be other students, outside of the HAS group, who would also like to go to a top university and so all lessons invite all students to aim for the highest possible level. All are equally aware, through our thorough careers programme, of the expectations of the workplace and the grades required for entry to their chosen university, so no student is left behind.

Our HAS programme offers all students the growth mindset needed to aspire and believe in their capabilites to achieve the very best. Lessons are regularly observed to ensure HAS students are being given the opportunity to shine.