Hot weather arrangements

Just to let you all know our policies for the hot weather so we can all enjoy our unexpected hot spell.
Students are expected to have a water bottle that has been filled before arriving at school please ensure if your child is susceptible to sunburn that they have applied sunscreen.
During the day
Students can collect drinking water during break and lunchtime filling up water bottles brought from home. Staff have been requested to not let students out of lessons to get a drink of water unless of course staff determine it is in the child’s best interests. If they are concerned about any child they should send the child to welfare to be checked.
Site staff are providing additional drinking water in the quad for all students to fill up bottles if necessary.
Today blazers and ties are stood down for students and staff
Sunglasses and sunhats are permitted at break and lunch but not during lesson time. Students shouldn’t attempt to openly sunbathe as we can’t confirm they have applied the necessary sunscreen.
Students are not to engage in water fights, it causes upset as actions are misinterpreted, wet students are not fit and in the right mindset to attend lessons as they are wet and uncomfortable.  It is also a poor use of site staffs time providing additional water if students chose to waste the water in this way.
Students who ignore this instruction run the risk of being identified and removed from circulation during breaks and lunch times
Finally a reminder that shorts are currently not a part of our school uniform policy nor are flip-flops or strappy sandals. Trainers, as usual, are not allowed.
Thanks as ever for your support
Liz Cook