Subject: ICT Head of Department: Ms A Evans

Autumn Term Y7

  • Basic development of web page creation using HTML and bespoke software. Use of notepad to code using HTML. Use of Serif Webplus software to create mufti-page websites.
  • They will be learning about E-Safety. With e-safety, students will understand about cyberbullying, how to be safe online.

Spring Term Y7

  • Basic introduction to computer systems including input/output devices, contents of a PC and storage devices. The language of computers, Binary and ASCII.
  • Spreadsheets, where students will have data which needs to be arranged in rows and columns of grids and can be manipulated and used in calculations.

Summer Term Y7

  • Computer programming using logo to control the creation of patterns. They will use sequencing, and iteration to demonstrate their skills.
  • Computer programming with scratch to develop concepts of selection, sequencing and iteration.


Autumn Term Y8

  • They will be revising their E-Safety knowledge. With e-safety, students will understand about cyberbullying, how to be safe online.  This will be developed using desktop publishing software and graphics software to create an appropriate poster.
  • The use of and understanding of a Database. They will manipulate the data to create information that is organised and can easily be accessed, managed and updated.

Spring Term Y8

  • They will be programming using Small Basic with the emphasis on command line programming to create suitable images. Skills should further develop their understanding of sequence, selection and iteration.
  • Programming with Python Graphics to create imagery. Expanding their understanding of programming languages and concepts.

Summer Term Y8

  • Introduction to networks and how they work in different workplaces. To include an understanding of LAN’s, WAN’s, and topologies.
  • A look at how the internet works and what the World Wide Web is and how packet switching is part of it.


Assessment: Students are given verbal feedback during lessons and half termly homework is marked and given written feedback.  Students progress is tracked using a Red, Amber, Green tracker for the skills learned. They are given opportunities for peer and self-assessment on a regular basis.


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