The Library/Learning Resource Centre

“In a world where knowledge is rapidly expanding, the way forward in education must be through equipping students of all ages with the skills to find out and learn independently from a range of resources. At the same time increasing leisure will be enriched by developing the habit of reading for pleasure. The school library has a vital role to play in both processes.” – School Library Association School Libraries – ‘Steps in the right direction’

The library is in a central location within the school buildings and provides a large, bright space for use by the whole school. The library is available for individual study, group study and classes. Separate areas are allocated for different purposes:

  • Computer Area
  • Study/Classroom area
  • Reading Area (with magazines, journals and general interest books)

Library Staff:

Mrs Sandra Fox (Library Manager)
Mrs Anna Bird (Library Assistant)


  • 15 computers with Internet access
  • 22 Mini Laptops with Internet access
  • Over 14,000 books in 5 book sections: fiction, non-fiction, reference, Sixth Form/adult fiction and quick reads (easy reads, fun facts, quizzes etc)
  • Newspapers, journals and magazines
  • Printer

The book stock is regularly checked to remove out-of-date books and we are constantly adding the latest publications. We welcome recommendations from students.


  • Book Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Homework Club
  • Chess Club
  • Board Games (lunchtimes)
  • Berkshire Book Festival
  • World Book Day events, Berkshire Book Award for Key Stage 3
  • Carnegie Children’s Book Award shadowing
  • Competitions and quizzes with prizes
  • Topical displays and promotions


The main library is open daily from 8.15 am to 4.15 pm. Sixth Form Area, Careers Area and Staff Area is open from 8.15 am to 3.30 pm daily.

All students and staff can access the library during breaks and lunchtimes, as well as before and after school.  In addition, students in Years 12 and 13 are welcome during their study periods.

All students are registered with the library when they join the school. Students can borrow up to 4 books (6 for Years 12 and 13) for 3 weeks. We do not issue fines for late returns; however, students with overdue items can have their access to the library restricted.

Library 1 Library 2

 Library 3


Library 4