Luize in Year 12 represents Bracknell Forest at House of Commons UK Youth Parliament Debate

On Friday 9th November 2018, Members of the UK Youth Parliament gathered from across the UK to debate in the House of Commons chamber. Ending knife crime, mental health, ‘equal pay, for equal work’, tackling homelessness and ‘votes at 16’ were all topics of debate.

I went to the House of Commons this year to represent Bracknell Forest as an MYP and to take part in the debates. This truly was a once a lifetime opportunity as we as MYPs are the only other people apart from the MPs to have an opportunity to sit on the green leather chairs.!It was truly inspiring to see all other MYPs across the UK to come and take part in this debate. The debates have truly me inspired to take part in more politically related topics and I hope to inspire my fellow peers to do so too. I also got to meet the Speaker of the House of Commons Rt Hon John Bercow MP who was the Speaker of the debates. During the debates, Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn also visited us and received a standing ovation from the entire council!

Written by Luize, Year 12 at Easthampstead Park Community School.