May the 4th – Star Wars Numeracy Day

On Friday 4th May, Mr Jones and the Maths department took the opportunity of being creative with the calendar and making a link between the significance of May the 4th and Star Wars (‘may the force’). Every seeking to draw attention to number fun, the Maths team and other departments such as English, really got into the spirit of the day by dressing up in Star Wars fancy dress. Our whole school aim was to input a Star Wars themed numeracy challenge into each subject area.
In Maths the students in Year 7 had to downsize planets from the Star Wars universe and make the Star Wars galaxy using differently sized balls. Year 8 made probability games using Star Wars themed games. A variety of Star Wars themed worksheets were created for various topics and students created their own Star Wars Top Trumps too! In Design and Technology, students considered the importance of measurements when creating Star Wars themed greeting cards, whilst Venn Diagrams and characterisation using a range of Star Wars icons, went on in English.
Thank you to all who got involved either with dressing up or planning linked activities in order to further raise the profile of numeracy across the school.