Media Studies

Subject: Media Studies Head of Department: MR D TOMKINS
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Autumn Term (term 1 and 2) Y12   

Crime Trailers (Coursework) – research, planning and production of a Crime Trailer

Representation of Age, Ethnicity, Gender

Spring Term (term 3 and 4) Y12  

Analysing Audio Visual and Print Media: Film, Television and Advertising, Magazines, Film Posters, Newspapers

Representation of Nationality, Regionalism, Issues and Events

Summer Term (term 5 and 6) Y12

Audience Theory and Media

Investigative Essay (Coursework) – Research
Autumn Term (term 1 and 2)  Y13

Investigative Essay (Coursework)

Production and Evaluation (Coursework)

Advertising Campaigns – Audiences

Spring Term (term 3 and 4)  Y13

Film Industry – Marketing & Censorship

Television Industry – Representation, Narrative, Genre.

Summer Term  (term 5 and 6) Y13

Exam Preparation and Revision.

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