School closed February 1st 2019

There has been significant snowfall on the EP site overnight. The site team report that the drive is slippy and cars accessing the site are likely to get stuck.  Temperature is currently zero degrees. Paths have been gritted but are now snow-covered and more snow flurries are forecast. A number of staff are unable to travel living a significant distance from the school and reporting difficult weather conditions. The weather forecast indicates rain later in the day. I have decided to err on caution and close the school to students.

Staff are expected to work from home as per operational briefing (planning and assessment) and if they have computer access share work with students on Google drive. Examination groups will be prioritised and can I remind Year 11 students that there is a revision schedule and resource list which has been published to guide you in revision. GCSE Pod is accessible. My maths is available for all year groups.

Apologies to parents for any difficulties caused but the school can’t ensure all pathways and access is safe

Regards Liz Cook

Adverse weather conditions – an update

We will be keeping a close eye on how the adverse weather develops overnight. Dependent on the severity of the conditions, we will make any announcements regarding amendments to the school day as early as possible tomorrow morning. Please check our website and Facebook page for updates…

Revolution Hive set to sharpen Y11 revision skills

We are working with Revolution Hive this year to ensure our Year 11 students know how to plan their revision strategically, starting early on (now!) and using a range of revision strategies to embed their learning. Students should not simply be re-reading their work, but actively doing tasks that help to build recall.

On Thursday 7th March, students will complete 3 workshops with Revolution Hive: Growth Mindset and Performance, Healthy habits and Powerful productivity and Accelerated Learning and Revision Strategies. The sessions will be led by experts who work with young people to develop rapid ways to support Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Empathy, Critical Thinking and Influence: all key skills they need to cope with the pressures of this challenging time.

Finding a work-life balance with the pressures of GCSE looming can be tricky. With that in mind, after Revolution Hive have visited us, I intend to follow up with further detail to parents on the strategies shared so that we are all working together to build confidence in our Year 11 whilst assisting them in accomplishing the work that they have left to do. Mr Lake is also currently sharing a fortnightly update on Year 11 revision strategies and after school interventions which you can look out for on our Facebook page!

Year 8 Foundation Pathway Evening – TONIGHT!

We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 8 students and parents to the Foundation Pathway evening tonight. The evening runs from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm.

On arrival we ask that your sign in at the Library and collect your Foundation Pathway booklets. The subjects will be based in the Humanities and Art areas. There will be maps to direct you to the different subject areas.

Please remember we will be holding two presentations during the evening, one at 6.00pm and another at 7.00pm, each one will last approximately 15 minutes. Please use the parents evening booking system to book which presentation you wish to attend, if you have not done so already.

Many thanks,

Miss Preston and Mrs Fear

Last month I visited Chichester crown court as a part of the school’s Fujitsu mentoring programme. I travelled down to the court on a Tuesday afternoon when I was first greeted at the court by a lovely barrister called Hazel. Before entering the court we had to have a security check and after doing this we went into a small court room where I met one of the senior judges who told me about her experiences in law and how she got onto this career path. We were then taken down into the cells, (which were freezing!) to look around then went into the court which was spectacular. After sitting in the court for a while we then walked down to Hazel’s chambers where I had a tour of the offices which wasn’t quite as exciting as the court! We then sat down and had a long conversation about Hazels route into law as a woman and the various challenges she was faced with and how she overcame them. She then introduced me to the senior Clark at her chambers who spoke to me about university options and what qualities and qualifications he looks for when employing young barristers which I found very useful. Finally I tried on the wig and gown that I would have to wear if I become a barrister myself. Overall the trip gave me a huge insight into law and the career I am wanting to go into in the future. This mentoring programme has helped me develop my understanding of law and help me to become a more confident individual. From the amazing experience I have left with high aspirations and am still very passionate to go into this career. This trip was an extremely informative, amazing opportunity.

Written by Chloe, Year 10.

GCSE Pod competition heats up

All of our Year 11 students have GCSEPod accounts, provided by the school, to support revision.

GCSEPod is one of the easiest ways to embed knowledge as you simply log on, watch the ‘pods’ related to the subject you are revising and answer any attached assignment questions.

Our teachers are setting GCSEPod homework for students regularly and with each ‘pod’ lasting between 3-5 minutes only, students can easily fit this into their day! The ‘pods’ are animated videos with a voiceover that details all you need to know about that subject. They are a great starting place for revision as they provide a visual recap of a topic in a succinct way.

If you’ve lost your GCSEPod username or forgotten your password, please get in touch with Mrs Thornton who can reset your account.

In addition to subject teachers using the platform for homework, Mr Young, the Library Manager, also sets a weekly challenge for students to participate in. Every student who completes the ‘pods’ and the 10 multiple choice questions will be entered into a prize draw too!

Good luck!

Pre-loved School Uniform Shop

Uniform items are sold for a small cost which will go directly towards school funds.  However, if a family are experiencing difficult financial circumstances we are able to consider donating items.

Please feel free to pop in on a Wednesday afternoon between 3-4pm to view what we have available, or contact Mrs Clay (01344 390899) or Mrs Thurgood (01344 390822) to make an appointment.




For Year 11 to stand the very best chances of success in their forthcoming GCSE exams, it is vital that they are well supported by their parents.

We have produced the guide below to help Year 11 parents support their child with revision.

How to support my child with revising for their GCSEs

In addition, the school are running a series of addition masterclass revision sessions to help students feel confident and ready. Please warmly encourage your child to attend these sessions as part of their revision.

Y11 Revision masterclass schedule

If you have any questions regarding how best to support your child with their revision, please contact Mr Lake, Assistant Headteacher in the first instance –

Students in years 7 and 8 were lucky enough to visit Bracknell Council Chambers on Tuesday this week. The visit, arranged by local councillor Mary Temperton, gave students a great deal of insight into the workings of council and were able to meet with the Mayor who held a Q and A session. Students were told about the history of Bracknell and its development from the Easthampstead Rural District to being considered as its own Borough. They were able to learn more about the responsibilities of local councillors and how they manage their own campaigns. We also learned that the majority of local councillors are Conservative, with only Mary Temperton herself representing the views of Labour. The idea that you must fight for what you believe in was strong and students left feeling empowered to push student voice within the school and ensure that feedback from our council meetings was stronger than ever, with clear targets and deadlines to ensure change happens.

A huge thank you to Mary Temperton for her support in arranging this great opportunity, and to the Mayor and BFC for hosting us. We look forward to our KS4 students visiting on Thursday!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Wishing all parents and students a merry Christmas and a happy new year from Easthampstead Park Community School. The Spring term starts on Monday 7th January at 8.40. We hope you all have a restful break.