PE House Competition Results – Term 1!

Before we broke up for October half term our Year 7’s and Year 8’s competed in their first PE House events of the year. We had three events happening during the week: boys football, girls football and a mixed handball tournament. The students represented their House and their tutor groups, with the winning teams in all the events receiving medals. The events ran smoothly, with all involved supporting one another and enjoying the competition. The next events will take place in December.
Please see below for the results from the House competitions:
Year 8 Boys Football
1st – 8D4 Wildmoor
2nd – 8D1 Englemere
3rd – 8D5 Caesar
4th – 8D3 Wildmoor
5th – 8D2 Swinley
Year 8 Girls Football
1st – 8D3 (won on number of corners achieved over the tournament) Wildmoor
2nd – 8D4 (finished on equal points as 8D3 – but had to do count back on corners – had same goal difference as 8D3) Wildmoor
3rd – 8D5 Caesar
4th – 8D2 Swinley
5th – 8D1 Englemere
Year 8 Mixed Handball
1st – 8D3 Wildmoor
2nd – 8D2 Swinley
3rd – = 8D5 Caesar and 8D1 Englemere
4th – 8D4 Wildmoor
Overall House Winner – Wildmoor
Year 7 Boys Football
1st – 7D3 Wildmoor
2nd – 7D5 Caesar
3rd – 7D4 Wildmoor
4th – 7D6 Caesar
5th – 7D1 Englemere
6th – 7D2 Swinley
Year 7 Girls Football
1st – 7D1 Englemere
2nd – = 7D2 Swinley and 7D3 Wildmoor
3rd – 7D5 Caesar
4th – 7D4 Wildmoor
5th – 7D6 Caesar
Year 7 Mixed Handball
1st – 7D1 Englemere
2nd – 7D5 Caesar
3rd – 7D3 Wildmoor
4th – = 7D4 Wildmoor and 7D6 Caesar
5th – 7D2 Swinley
Overall House Winner – Englemere