Physical Education

Our Vision

To maintain and stimulate student interest and enjoyment in Physical Education in order to promote lifelong participation in sport and to increase students’ awareness of healthy, active lifestyles.

To inspire all students to become highly motivated individuals, that strive to do their best and be their best in all areas that we cover, sharing our knowledge and expertise with all students in order to develop a positive attitude towards lessons and beyond.

Our Values

  • Every student has something to offer.
  • Every student needs encouragement to shine.
  • Every student has the ability to try and nothing less will be accepted.
  • Effort is valued as highly as overall performance / results / outcomes.

Our Focus

  • To provide a challenging and diverse curriculum designed to encourage independence, develop confidence and promote teamwork.
  • To deliver consistently good to outstanding lessons.
  • To be role models to all students that we teach.
  • To maintain our high standards and expectations of behaviour, level of effort, positive attitude and performance within all lessons.
  • To develop an extra curricular programme that engages as many students as possible.


The PE Department is well resourced for the delivery of the National Curriculum at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, having a gymnasium and a sports hall, and a state of the art 3G artificial playing surface. Our facilities also include a full size rugby pitch with two small practice pitches, senior and junior football pitches with mini practice areas and four netball / tennis courts.

The department prides itself on its total commitment to the development of each student in the school both physically and socially. During the summer curriculum delivery, there are numerous rounders pitches, a baseball pitch, an 8 lane 400m track with marked out field events as well as a 100m sprinting area.

The PE Team

  • Head of Department – Miss K Swift  
  • Miss S Burrows
  • Mr R Cumner
  • Mr J Clark
  • Ms C O’Brien
  • Mr S Puttick

Kit Expectations

Full PE kit must be worn for all PE lessons, clubs and training sessions. Please label all items.

Navy blue polo shirt with EPCS logo Navy blue polo shirt with EPCS logo
Navy blue football shorts EPCS logo Navy blue football shorts EPCS logo
Navy blue football socks Navy blue football socks
White sports socks White sports socks
Navy blue rugby shirt with amber reversible stripe with EPCS logo Shin pads (Football and Hockey)
Trainers Trainers
Correct footwear for 3g pitch: Moulded Boots, Blades, Football Studs – NO METAL TIPS/Astro Trainers Correct footwear for 3g pitch: Moulded Boots, Blades, Football Studs – NO METAL TIPS/Astro Trainers
Shin pads (Football and Hockey) Gum shield (Rugby and Hockey)
Gum shield (Rugby and Hockey) Hair tie (one spare)
Towel Towel

Additional Kit (recommended)

  • EPCS Tracksuit.
  • Bag for wet / dirty kit.
  • Change of underwear / spare socks.
  • Thin, non-restricting blue PE t-shirt or blue base layers for wearing underneath rugby tops.

Additional Information

  • No leggings are allowed to be worn during lessons, clubs or fixtures.
  • No jewellery can be worn during any physical activity and must be removed.
  • All hair must be tied up for every lesson (a hair tie is part of the kit).
  • All valuables must be handed in at the start of the lesson. The school will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage to items that are not handed in.
  • No aerosols are allowed in school, roll on only.

PE Core Lessons – Key Stage 3 


All students in Key Stage 3 and 4 have three lessons a fortnight (70 mins). The curriculum is organised with regard to the individuals in the group, the facilities and the specialist teacher for the group. All students follow different activities throughout the key stage and are assessed in each activity.

Each group in each year follows a different programme taken from the majority of the activity areas below.

Activity Area Activities
Outwitting Opponents Games Activities
Accurate Replication of Actions Games Activities, Gymnastic Skills
Exploring and Communicating ideas, Concepts and Emotions Dance (delivered in lessons outside of PE) and Gymnastic Activities.
Performing at Maximum Levels Athletics and Games Activities
Identifying and Solving Problems Enrichment Days and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities
Exercising Safely and Effectively Health and Well Being Activities

During key stage 3, students become more expert in their skills and techniques, and learn how to apply them in different activities. They start to understand what makes an effective performance and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. They learn to take the initiative and make decisions for themselves about what to do to improve performance. They start to identify the types of activity they prefer, and take a variety of roles, such as leader, coach and official. In Key Stage 4 students become more independent and take more control over their roles and responsibilities in lessons and activities.

Ways in which you can support your child’s progress:

  • Ensure that your child is provided with full PE kit.
  • Help your child organise their kit for PE lessons the night before.
  • Please label all PE kit and uniform to help prevent items of clothing going missing.
  • Please write a note if your child is unable to take part in the physical aspect of the lesson (please ensure that they still have their PE kit to change for the lesson unless they are physically unable to).
  • Even if your child cannot take part physically, they still must get changed into their PE kit and join in with appropriate tasks (e.g. umpiring, recording, and coaching) that will not affect their illness/injury.
  • Encourage your child to complete homework, especially the practical ones because we cannot check this!
  • Encourage your child to be physically active outside of school, explaining the health benefits of this.  


Students are assessed against flight paths 1 to 5 in Year 7 and 8. They are graded against specific criteria under the following headings:

  • Health in PE
  • Physical in PE
  • Social in PE
  • Thinking in PE

Homework is set for for Year 7 and 8 students every term in the form of a menu, where students select the task that they wish to complete and are graded using a medal system (Bronze, Silver and Gold). All criteria for each medal is shared with students.