Preparing for exams what to expect for students and parents

In just over a week’s time, the summer exams start for GCSEs, AS and A levels. Over a million students will sit thousands of different exams in schools and colleges around the country. Around 60,000 examiners and moderators will then mark and moderate the work and approximately 8 million results will be issued in August. There are also exams in Applied Generals, Tech Levels and many other qualifications. And national assessments are also taking place in primary schools.

There are many thousands of individuals making sure the summer is as successful as it can be. Students (and their parents), teachers, exams officers, invigilators to name but a few. Each and everyone plays their part in making sure the summer runs smoothly. Many of the issues that we deal with are caused by minor mistakes or slips, but they can have far-reaching consequences for the students that are affected.


Did you know that it’s malpractice just to take your phone (or any smart device) into the exam room? Even if it’s switched off and in your pocket, it’s against the rules and you could be disqualified. The exams officer or invigilator will tell you where to put your phone – please make sure you follow their instructions.

It might seem funny at the time, but did you also realise that writing swear words or rude comments in your answer booklet could mean you get no marks for that paper? Last year over 300 students gave themselves a much lower grade by doing this.

Parents can we ask you to make sure your child fully understands the rules laid out by exam boards and follows them to the letter.