Religious Studies – Key Stage 3


Religious Studies

Head of Department:

Liz Taplin


Autumn Term (term 1 and 2) Y7 –  Creation Stories and The World Around Us

Spring Term (term 3 and 4) Y7  – Islam: An Overview

Summer Term (term 5 and 6) Y8 – The Meaning of Life


Autumn Term (term 1 and 2)  Y8 – Moral Dilemmas

Spring Term (term 3 and 4)  Y8 Religion and the Media

Summer Term  (term 5 and 6) Y8 – Medical Ethics

How we assess students:

Through end of term projects, PEE paragraphs completed in lessons and HWK projects

How homework is set (please see Discovery homework timetable on our website for details )
How parents/carers can support their child:

By asking the students what they have been studying in RS and how they feel about these topics – focus on reasoning of opinions and where these opinions might have come from.

Useful links:

Reading list: