Revolution Hive ensure Y11 have revision strategies to hand!

Last week, our year 11 students were met by 6 staff in yellow and black uniforms from Revolution Hive. Their day started off with a briefing in the dining hall by Keshav, where students were given an outline of the day and asked about their current levels of motivation and willingness to learn. Following this, students were then whisked off into three different workshops where they were challenged to overcome barriers, consider their strengths and outline a revision plan for both their PPEs and real exams, beginning in May.

Revolution Hive managed to increase the number of students who felt invested in their futures and determined to try in their upcoming exams by a fantastic 20%. We really value their time, commitment and energy on the day as they really demonstrated how a positive mindset can change your whole outlook on revision, exams and most importantly, what you yourself feel capable of achieving.

A huge thank you to Study Higher and the University of Reading for helping us to make this happen for our students!