Revolution Hive set to sharpen Y11 revision skills

We are working with Revolution Hive this year to ensure our Year 11 students know how to plan their revision strategically, starting early on (now!) and using a range of revision strategies to embed their learning. Students should not simply be re-reading their work, but actively doing tasks that help to build recall.

On Thursday 7th March, students will complete 3 workshops with Revolution Hive: Growth Mindset and Performance, Healthy habits and Powerful productivity and Accelerated Learning and Revision Strategies. The sessions will be led by experts who work with young people to develop rapid ways to support Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Empathy, Critical Thinking and Influence: all key skills they need to cope with the pressures of this challenging time.

Finding a work-life balance with the pressures of GCSE looming can be tricky. With that in mind, after Revolution Hive have visited us, I intend to follow up with further detail to parents on the strategies shared so that we are all working together to build confidence in our Year 11 whilst assisting them in accomplishing the work that they have left to do. Mr Lake is also currently sharing a fortnightly update on Year 11 revision strategies and after school interventions which you can look out for on our Facebook page!