School closed February 1st 2019

There has been significant snowfall on the EP site overnight. The site team report that the drive is slippy and cars accessing the site are likely to get stuck.  Temperature is currently zero degrees. Paths have been gritted but are now snow-covered and more snow flurries are forecast. A number of staff are unable to travel living a significant distance from the school and reporting difficult weather conditions. The weather forecast indicates rain later in the day. I have decided to err on caution and close the school to students.

Staff are expected to work from home as per operational briefing (planning and assessment) and if they have computer access share work with students on Google drive. Examination groups will be prioritised and can I remind Year 11 students that there is a revision schedule and resource list which has been published to guide you in revision. GCSE Pod is accessible. My maths is available for all year groups.

Apologies to parents for any difficulties caused but the school can’t ensure all pathways and access is safe

Regards Liz Cook