School Council 2018-2019


A fantastic new line up of students have been elected to represent their year groups for 2018-2019, as members of School Council and School Parliament. Last year’s Council and Parliament did a fantastic job of running the elections fairly, ensuring assemblies to students were informative and gave students an understanding of the responsibilities attached to the commitment. They also ran a Polling Station in the quad before votes were counted.

As you can see, Mrs Cook presented all students on School Council with a brand new tie so that all students are aware of their council representatives. Parliament representatives are also distinguished with a red double stripe tie. This ensures student voice is well recognised and that students know who to speak to should they wish to raise an issue, start a fundraiser or initiate a whole school drive.


As our first item on the agenda, students are supporting an international project: the Christmas Shoebox! Each tutor group has been given just a few weeks to piece together a shoebox full of donated, but good quality, items for a young person in less fortunate circumstances at Christmas time. Each box requires a £5 donation for shipping costs, but this also includes a postage receipt, indicating where the box ended up! We hope to produce a map after Christmas to showcase just how many people across the world we were able to support.

If you are able to donate any items, small enough to fit into a shoebox, to bring joy to a child of any age, from 2-16, please pop items along to our reception.

Our ‘wrap’ party will be held on Wednesday 28th November!