School operating as normal tomorrow

Please make sure your child has a warm coat and suitable footwear. Can I ask parents not to drop their children outside the front of the school or on the roundabout as yesterday parents making this choice caused significant disruption and put children at risk. Signage requests are displayed please keep students safe by keeping access clear around icy footpaths and roads.

The schools heating system works well and there is no expectation that children can wear coats in lessons. School shoes should provide adequate protection but if you are concerned Wellington boots or hiking style boots can be worn not training shoes.

Please check your child has a jumper or cardigan available as an exception I will allow jumpers to be worn over their shirts and under the school blazer of any dark colour tomorrow. This does not include hoodies or sweatshirts of any description. Please ensure your child has a suitable outdoor coat and a fully charged phone for the journey home (the school does not provide charging facilities)

My continued thanks to the site team who continue to support the site despite the challenges of the weather. I hope to see everyone arrive safely again tomorrow Liz Cook