In Year 9 pupils will start the new specification science qualification.  We are using the AQA specification.  The triple scientists are studying biology, chemistry and physics separately, with specialist teachers.  All other students are studying the double award qualification, which is worth two GCSEs.  

In Year 10 pupils will be studying for the AQA triple award GCSE  in Science (biology, chemistry and physics) or AQA Core GCSE..

Triple scientists will study all 3 sciences with a subject specialist for each. Core scientists will also study all 3 sciences each with two different teachers  . .

In Year 11 pupils will be studying either AQA Triple GCSE science, Additional GCSE or BTec.

Triple scientists will study biology and physics as well as preparing for and completing the controlled assessment.

Additional scientists will study biology, chemistry and physics as well as preparing for and completing the additional controlled assessment..


Formal GCSE and Certificate examinations will take place in the summer term for core scientists, additional scientists and year 11 triple scientists..


30-45 minutes of homework will be set once a week for all pupils in science.

Useful equipment / resources

A calculator will enable pupils to answer some of the mathematical questions with ease.

CGP publish KS4 GCSE and Certificate revision guides. These are available for purchase from the science technicians.



General revision and quizzes for the major topics in key stage 4

Interactive support and videos in the key areas of KS3


A resource written by a teacher, filled with information and ideas.


A useful resource for additional and core students.

How parents can support

GCSE revision guides are available for all GCSE and Certificate courses. These can be purchased from the science technicians.  We also sell booklets of past exam questions to help prepare the students for each science exam.

Revision classes will run prior to examinations. Please check parent bulletins for further details.