Soulscape support Year 9 and 12 with Wellbeing Workshops


Over the past few weeks, Soulscape have come to our school to work with all of our Year 9 and Year 12 students, teaching them ways to de-stress, manage and open up about their feelings. Through the use of personal stories, opinions research, questions and answer sessions and informal discussion, students have taken time out to think about how they cope with anxiety and stress, particularly as they all work towards their formal examinations next year.

After the initial workshop, Soulscape kindly came back for a further two sessions for each year group to work with a London based artist, using art as a way to elaborate on their emotions. The work produced so far is fantastic and will be going on to be displayed at the Soulscape exhibition at the end of March. Students have sculpted, painted, designed and drawn out their feelings in what was a very cathartic session. We very much appreciate the work they do and the fact that they keep coming back to offer our students new ways to think about their goals and ambitions.