Sports Day, Friday 6th July

Dear Parent / Carer

RE: Sports Day

Parents have been advised that our school Sports Day will take place on Friday 6th July we are monitoring the weather carefully and wish to request the following;

  • All students should bring a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day, sun cream will be needed and a hat to protect students from the sun.
  • All students will be in PE kit and this needs to be correct, EPCS branded PE kit as per the schools uniform policy (this overrides the current uniform arrangements explained by the school Governors due for review on the 16th July)

Many students’ value sports day and look forward to competing against their peers in earning House points. All competitors in the morning schedule will have access to shade and water points in-between events these arrangements will continue to be in place for the final session. This is when the rest of the school join us for the final session and the results are shared with the whole school.

The structure of the day will be changing, as advised previously in the Sports Day letter, but please see below for the time changes for the day.

We take advice from the Met Office and the LA regarding the weather and will make a final decision on the day. This will be communicated to all parents and carers via the school website and students will be informed via their tutors. 

All staff are allocated responsibilities during the final session either supervising or actively supporting competitors we rely on staffs goodwill to make sure the final session goes smoothly

If you do not wish for your son/daughter to be involved in the afternoon session (period 5 – whole school session), then they will be supervised in a classroom, out of the sun, doing supervised quiet reading due to the pressure on staffing. They will need to bring their reading book with them for this session, as per the school policy. Please advise your son’s / daughter’s Head of Year of this via email before Friday so appropriate arrangements can be made no other options can be entertained. They will not be able to buy refreshments on sale as this will be facilitated on the school field only

08.40 – 08.50   AM Tutor

08.50 – 09.45   Period 1

09.45 – 10.40   Period 2

10.40 – 11.05   Break Time

11.05 – 12.00   Period 3

12.00 – 13.00   Period 4

13.00 – 13.35   Lunch

13.35 – 13.40   PM Registration

13.40 – 15.10   Period 5 – finals – all school on the school field


Thank you in advance for your support with this day.

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