Students review the BBA and Joffre White’s visit to EPCS

Today, Year 7 took part in an event where author Joffre White spoke to us about books, aspirations and much more! We were joined by some year 7 students from other schools.

He spoke to us about finding the right book for you and how when he was younger, all he was interested in were Beano magazines! Joffre also talked about some of his own books and books that inspire famous celebrities. I found the event very inspirational and engaging.

After this, a lady from Berkshire Book Awards told us what the 6 shortlisted books are for the 2018 Berkshire Book Award. These were books that were voted for by students from schools around the area and we can all now vote for our favourite on their website.

At the end we had the opportunity to purchase some of his books and meet him to get them signed.

By Malika (Year 7)

Today year 7 were visited by an author. We came together, along with a group of children from LVS ,Garth and Edgbarrow.

It started off with an introduction by author Joffre White. Joffre spoke about his childhood and gave us inspirational messages such as “if you have a friend, stick onto them because in a blink of an eye they will be gone.” I found it very interesting. I was fully engaged all the way through. We were able to have a meet and greet with the author and he signed our cards and books. I think it was a great experience.

By Jessica (Year 7)