Thank you for your on going support

Thank you to all parents who are abiding by our request regarding drop off it’s really making the student’s entry and exit to the school more orderly and safer. Thank you to those who wave and show their support dropping off away from the roundabout too. We do have a small but resistant group who are not supporting us all which is disappointing. So please, can I request to the minority that you do not use your mobile phone whilst driving, as you are clearly distracted and may miss a child crossing. In future students waiting at the roundabout will be asked to move to the drop off point as requested in my letter for you to pick up as this is the designated space.  Please do not put adults in a school in conflict with your child by insisting you will pick them up from the roundabout regardless of what the HT says. We are simply trying to protect our students and your actions are making the role of doing so unpleasant for all. Liz Cook Headteacher