Uniform Update

Thank you for your support regarding school uniform, I have consulted with members of the schools governing body who wish to make the following clear

  • The school makes provision for students by providing a polo shirt option during the summer term
  • Blazer and ties have been stood down during the period of hot weather
  • The school does provide adequate water for students to access within the school day- parents are responsible for ensuring their child has an adequate water bottle and uses it sensibly to quench their own thirst not as an item to engage in water fighting
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child has sunscreen protection at a suitable factor for their skin type.
  • During the hot weather most of the students at EPCS have coped well with the weather conditions accessing shade (we have lots of areas due to the number of trees on the site) However some students have not and have attempted to defy the school uniform rules making life difficult for staff who have to deal with them.

As Governors we expect our students to comply with our uniform rules and policy and our staff to wear clothing appropriate for a working environment. However, we recognise that some students are appearing to struggle so have agreed on the following to be in place until July 16th (At this point it will be reviewed as the weather is abject to change)

Students may only wear

  • Full school uniform no blazer or tie (with shoes)
  • Summer school uniform no blazer (with shoes)
  • School branded PE kit (with trainers)
  • School branded PE kit with school summer polo shirt (with trainers)


We would ask you not to make additional work for pastoral staff by allowing your child to deviate from these rules for any reason (unless there is a good medical reason) All students should have access to PE shorts as this is standard school uniform so parents do not need to purchase any additional items.

Governors are discussing the option of tailored shorts to add as an optional item to our uniform and if governors agree, this will be put forward for consultation with parents prior to being adopted by the Governing body.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter and your support of the schools Headteacher


EPCS Governing Body