University of Reading lead STEM masterclass with Year 10

On Tuesday 5th February, nearly 50 students in Y10 participated in a STEM masterclass with students from The University of Reading. With the support Study Higher, we were gifted this opportunity for students to try out a range of STEM activities that related directly to jobs within those industries. The day gave students an opportunity to work in different groups and to consider ways in which their current GCSE links to study at degree level and beyond.

Students were given different codes to decipher a hidden message to begin before they covered psychology and perceptions, looking at how things could be perceived differently visually, be it by being under different shades of light, (they used the well known picture where the dress looks gold and white or black and purple, and other examples) or sound. This included Josh D, Henry W and Chloe B participating against each other on a brain game (reading out the colours of the words rather than the actual words).

Following this, they had a short break where students went around the room to collect different information booklets the team had brought in, with different subject information on courses that they could study at university, including apprenticeship information and real life student stories of success.
They concluded with a Q&A session on university life (cost, life experience at uni, accommodation, social) in which Mrs Groom got heavily involved too…
A huge thank you to Study Higher, the University of Reading and Mr Powers for working with the students to broaden their horizons and give them an opportunity to think more about life post 16.