Why work at EPCS?

What the students say:

“Easthampstead Park Community School is an amazing place to be as a student. The school is well equipped from computers and specialist science labs through to a state of the art theatre, excellent sporting facilities and a well-resourced library.”

What the staff say:

“EPCS is a great place to work because my colleagues make even the longest days at school worth looking forward to.”

“I have lots of reasons why I like working here, our students have such a wonderful attitude, they enjoy our input to their lives.”

“Staff are very welcoming, positive and professional. There are plenty of opportunities for new teachers who wish to develop their careers.”

“Enthusiastic students who care about each other also make it a lively place to be – it is great to be part of a team creating such a stimulating and challenging environment to educate them.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my NQT year at EPCS and that is partly due to the amazing support I have received. As an NQT you not only have a mentor within your department but there is also a professional tutor who helps you throughout this year. The on-going training which takes place at EPCS is invaluable. Our professional tutor or other members of staff lead these sessions which means you get the benefit of their experience as well as the opportunity to regularly meet with other NQTs. Meeting regularly with the other NQTs is so important as you can swap tips, strategies and have the knowledge that they understand what you are going through.”

Teacher’s questionnaire results, January 2016:

100% of staff strongly agree/agree that they  expect and encourage all pupils to work with positive attitudes so that they can apply themselves and make strong progress.

100% of staff strongly agree/agree that they use their knowledge and skills to develop, consolidate and deepen pupils knowledge, understanding and skills in my lessons.

98% of staff strongly agree/agree that most students have pride in their appearance.

95% of staff strongly agree/agree that most students have pride in their school work.

93% of staff strongly agree/agree that most have a positive attitude towards school.

91% of staff strongly agree/agree that most students show respect to other.

…The above is just a flavour of why Easthampstead Park Community School is such a fantastic place to work. But don’t take our word for it, come and see what it is like to work at our wonderful school for yourself! Visits from prospective applicants are always warmly welcomed.


Other information that may be of interest: