Year 11 GCSE Maths Practice Paper 2

Attached here are the predicted practice papers we promised to bring to you for your half term holidays. These will help towards your revision for GCSE Maths Paper 2 on Thur 7th June at 9am.
There is a paper for you to print and complete, worked solutions and an examiner’s mark-scheme to help you self assess and narrow down your areas of weakness. This is a really good way to see how the method marks are allocated and how to show your workings to optimise your marks out of 80.
At the end of today’s English exam, you were given a list (Yellow = higher, Blue- Foundation) This is also a guide to help you narrow down your revision. We will do this again after paper 2 for you.
It is important that you appreciate that anything can come up on the 2nd exam so make sure you revise other parts of the course too. In other words, doing this exam paper is just a start to help you see what else you need to work on in more detail using, your books and your revision workbooks, etc. The 2nd of our revision workshops on Wed 6th June period 1,2,3 with your Maths teacher. We will be looking at topics that haven’t come up on paper 1 but also being aware that you might have some requests for topics you want us to cover.
Well done for your hard work and commitment so far.
All the very best with your half term revision!
Ms Devine and the Maths Team.

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