Year 11 Motivational Assembly

On Tuesday morning we held the Year 11 Motivational Assembly, entitled ‘This Is It’ as a poignant reminder to students of the journey they have been on with us. With most of our students having started in Year 7, we had a wonderful collection of embarrassing, funny and emotional pictures to share with them, as well as some wonderful speeches from some key people who have made a difference in their lives.

The Year 7 students had written wonderful letters of support and encouragement to the Year 11s, and as the students entered the theatre, they were all hung across the rafters, ready for them to pick down and read. As they did so, Year 7 then came through into the theatre as a surprise, clapping and cheering the Year 11. Malika, Ryan and Molly from Year 7 read their letters aloud, before we had a very moving and personal speech from Mrs Fear – clearly a very proud Head of Year 11.

Miss Pettipas and Mrs Stevenson actually started working at EPCS at the same time as our Year 11s started and they too had some wonderful anecdotes to share. Mr Blay, an ex-student of EPCS, shared his story and gave a very inspiring message about how it’s never too late to make a difference. Mr Cook and Mr Brown also gave speeches as Year 11 tutors and we heard from 3 of our Year 12 students, sharing their words of wisdom about this stressful time too. Sasha, Harvie and Tim were relatable and genuine.

It was clear to see that our Year 11s are very loved. And to top off the assembly, the finale saw students opening letters from their parents. There were lots of happy tears and lots of hugging – I hope our Year 11 now realise, if they didn’t before, that they are totally capable of completing their exams and smashing their target grades. We’ve got your back Year 11!

A huge thank you to all the staff and students involved directly in the assembly, to the parents who sent in their letters and to the admin team for all of their support in collecting the letters to ensure that no student was left out.