Throughout the year students will receive three reports online. These reports, combined with an opportunity to meet with subject teachers at a Parents’ Evening, form our reporting arrangements for Key Stage 3 students. Below is an explanation of the data shown in each report.

Key Stage 2 Results
These are the levels achieved at the end of year 6.

There are nine flightpaths and, based on their KS2 SATS results, all students will be allocated to the flightpath that they should be achieving if they were to perform in line with national expectation. Their Maths flightpath will be based on their KS2 Maths results; their English flightpath will be based on their KS2 Reading and Writing results; and all other subjects will take an average of Maths and English to decide on the appropriate flightpath. We will report to you on your child’s progress by sharing with you their expected flightpaths and recording whether they are:

Exceeding – Above their target flightpath

Meeting – On their target flightpath

Concern – Progress is a concern as they are not working at their current flightpath

End of Year Exam
This is reported as either a Grade (1-9), %, or, for Art, an Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Behaviour for Learning
The number relates to the following descriptions.

  1. Excellent, a role model for other students.
  2. Acceptable to good.
  3. Acceptable with occasional lapses.
  4. Needs attention.

The number relates to the following descriptions.

  1. Excellent standard of work both in presentation and content
  2. Acceptable to good standard of work both in presentation and content.
  3. Acceptable but occasionally presentation or content is below standard.
  4. Needs attention.

Read more about our Assessment approach

The Progress Report is a snapshot of your child’s progress.

At Easthampstead Park Community School we place Assessment for Learning – essentially students knowing what they need to do to progress – at the heart of our curriculum.

In Key Stage 3 we believe that strategies for improvement should be considered within the context of the student’s work. This places greater emphasis on the quality of the teacher’s feedback of their assignments.

We rely on students considering this feedback carefully. Please ask to see your child’s books and work regularly and discuss with them the comments written.