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EPCS House System

Here at EPCS we believe that having a house system instils an eve greater sense of belonging within students, and allows them to practice key skills in leadership, responsbility, organisation, resilience and teamwork; all skills they require for life in and after school in the workplace. Students are given more opportunities to compete through a wider range of activities, allowing all students to try new experiences and excel in ways they didn’t know they could before!

We have four houses: Swinley (yellow), Englemere (red), Ceasar (blue) and Wildmoor (green).

Upon entry to the school, students are assigned to a house and remain in their allocated house throughout their time in school. When younger siblings join us, they continue to follow their brother or sister in the same house.

As our House system continues to grow, more and more competitions are being run by departments and through extra-curricular opportunities. Students collect house points for their team which are not only awarded for winning events, but also for students highly commended for their contribution and achievement.

Each house is led by a Sixth Form Head of House and Assistant Head of House. These Sixth Formers then manage their respective house councils, consisting of two students from each year group, elected by the students themselves. House events and fundraisers are all decided upon via the council, promoting a great deal of leadership and organisation, completely owned by the students.

The prestigious House Cup is awarded at the end of every academic year to the house who has accumulated the most points and a celebratory assembly is held to reward all students involved.