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Student Apps and Links

Below are the apps we use at KAEP. Click on the logos and a new window will open with their website.


Free parent and student app to download

Classcharts allows parents and students to see the homework that has been set and to see any positive and negative behaviour points teachers have awarded. Any detentions that have been set will also be shown in the app.

BBC Bitesize

KS3 and 4 – All subjects

Revision resources provided by the BBC to support students with revision for a range of different


KS4 – All Subjects
Free app to download

An outstanding revision tool that the school pays for.
All students in Year 9-11 have access. The website features a multitude of exam board specific ‘pods’ – short 3-4 minute videos to help students revise key content.

Pearson ActiveLearn

Once logged into the Pearson ActiveLearn website, students can view the KS3 textbooks they will use in their Maths and Science lessons. This is an excellent resource for students when revising for assessments and exams.


All students across Year 7-11 have access to MyMaths, a tool to help them improve their Maths skills. Maths homework will often be given on MyMaths.


Institution code is CS1
GCSE Science and MFL

Access to online textbook and revision resources for MFL and Science. All students in Year 9-11 have access.


This course is the perfect place to start if you are brand new to coding. You will get comfortable using our interactive coding platform and write your first few lines of code!


Free app to download

A programme selected Year 7 students have access to, to support them with improving their numeracy skills. Weekly Mathswhizz homework will be set for these students.

PIXL App (English, Maths, Geography, History)

A GCSE revision app, accessible to all Year 9-11 students, helping them to revise for Maths, English, Geography and History.