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Year 11 News Hub


Year 11 News Hub



Welcome to the Year 11 News Hub

Here you will find all year related news items, what’s going on in the school, upcoming events and links to pdfs, letters and other important information. Also below you will find relevant year group parent letters and news.

The EP School to Tokyo Olympic Challenge is currently a community fitness campaign being driven by our PE department.

Year 11 Parent News

Year 11 Celebratory Events

Dear Parents and Carers of students in Year 11 I write to update you on the school’s position regarding celebratory events to mark your child’s time in Year 11.  Traditionally a Prom has been offered, but last year’s event was unable to go ahead due to COVID-19...

Year 11 Welcome Back

5 March 2021 Dear Parents/Carers Year 11 Welcome Back It is admittedly strange to welcome students back at the midway point of the year but this has been a strange year for everyone. Also saying welcome back implies they have been away when in fact the vast majority...

Year 11 End of Term Letter

17 December 2020 Dear Parents/Carers Year 11 - End of Autumn Term  We have reached the end of a very successful first term for our Year 11 students which is reflected in the ClassCharts data for Year 11.  Since starting school in September, students have been awarded...

Year 11 Digital Learning

Dear Parents/Carers As a school we want to give all Year 11 students the best chance of being successful in their upcoming external examinations.  In previous years we have put great emphasis on the use of digital learning resources, as they have been proven in all...

Year 11 End of Term letter

Dear Parents/Carers Year 11 End of Term  It has been wonderful to have our Year 11 students back with us.  It feels like a long time without them, despite the sessions during the summer term during lockdown and I am proud of how they have started the new academic...

Whole School News

Year 12 Film Studies Event

Year 12 Film Studies students, had an incredible insight into the world of documentary during their A-Level lesson via a live Q&A video call with Academy Award-winning Director, Asif Kapadia. Kapadia, who is studied during the 'documentaries' segment of the...