On Friday the 15th of February, history students in Y11 attended an incredible “Hitler on Trial” session, by Josh Brooman. They were gifted a unique opportunity not only to refine their crucial exam skills, but to explore further into the reality of Hitler’s dictatorship prior to World War Two.

Firstly, the students participated in a Grade-booster workshop, in which the workshop leaders (including professional examiners) elaborated on what the GCSE examiners are looking for, in addition to what makes an exemplary answer. This gave the students a chance to put their own marking skills to the test, as well as the chance to make valuable notes for future reference.

Subsequent to this, Y11 watched an entertaining, engaging and informative courtroom drama, “The Trial of Adolf Hitler”, in which they imagined Adolf Hitler had been captured during the Second World War and was out on trial, watching as members of the jury. Despite knowing the harrowing truth of his Nazi autocracy, this was a golden opportunity to think outside of the box using critical thinking to evaluate other possible outcomes based on the specific charges offered. Furthermore, the incredible actors implemented factual details of the events that were carried out, enhancing their knowledge for the upcoming GCSE’s.

Finally, the students were given a short interval to allow them to decide on a verdict, all votes being counted. Ultimately, Hitler was found to be innocent (shockingly!) However, they concluded the production with him still meeting his fatal demise, being shot as a part of the excellent performance!

A huge thank you to Mr Moth, Miss Preston, Mrs Montague, Mr Blay and Miss Grobien for working with the Y11 students prior to their fast-approaching GCSEs, in order to strengthen their exam skills and boost their knowledge on the required content, as well as the great teachers for accompanying the students on their journey to success!

Written by Ayah, Year 11.

Earlier this week, Anna in Year 11 came back from representing Bracknell and by association EPCS on a WWI related twinning trip to Leverkusen in Germany. Anna represented her school and local community admirably, networking with a range of adults and students from Leverkusen and other European towns. Top work Anna – we are very proud of you!

End of half term arrangements

Dear parents,

Just to confirm that we finish for half term this Friday, 15th February at 3.10 – normal time. Half term 4 commences on Monday 25th February at 8.40.

Many thanks.

This is a big reduction on yesterdays number,  thank you for your continuing support. Please avoid reversing back onto the roundabout for your own safety and waiting at the entrance to the visitor’s carpark as this causes annoyance to others. Thank you, Liz, Cook

Civvies Day, Fri 8th February

Friday is a civvies day. Please can we ask that your child wears clothing that is appropriate for school or their normal uniform. Shorts, crop tops, ripped clothing that shows excessive amounts of skin, and clothing with offensive logos or patterns are not acceptable neither is excessive jewellery (the jewellery policy still applies) We are asking for a minimum £1 donation but as the money raised will directly go towards supporting the school and our charities we will happily accept more. If your child presents in civvies that are unsuitable you will be contacted and asked to bring in suitable clothes for school so please make them aware of your expectations Thank you for your support.

Liz Cook

On Tuesday 5th February, nearly 50 students in Y10 participated in a STEM masterclass with students from The University of Reading. With the support Study Higher, we were gifted this opportunity for students to try out a range of STEM activities that related directly to jobs within those industries. The day gave students an opportunity to work in different groups and to consider ways in which their current GCSE links to study at degree level and beyond.

Students were given different codes to decipher a hidden message to begin before they covered psychology and perceptions, looking at how things could be perceived differently visually, be it by being under different shades of light, (they used the well known picture where the dress looks gold and white or black and purple, and other examples) or sound. This included Josh D, Henry W and Chloe B participating against each other on a brain game (reading out the colours of the words rather than the actual words).

Following this, they had a short break where students went around the room to collect different information booklets the team had brought in, with different subject information on courses that they could study at university, including apprenticeship information and real life student stories of success.
They concluded with a Q&A session on university life (cost, life experience at uni, accommodation, social) in which Mrs Groom got heavily involved too…
A huge thank you to Study Higher, the University of Reading and Mr Powers for working with the students to broaden their horizons and give them an opportunity to think more about life post 16.

Bag 2 School deadline draws closer…

We have only 2 weeks left of this term and therefore only 2 weeks left to gather as many donations as possible for our Student Council fundraiser ‘Bag 2 School’.

This fundraiser benefits so many different people as the items donated go to countries living in poverty, where they can be reused and therefore a part of a circular economy. This means that items we no longer need or want are not wasted and sent to pile up in a dumping ground, they are instead reused or remodelled into new and much needed items for other people. This short video on ‘The Circular Economy’ has been shared with all of our tutor groups to help highlight the importance of changing the way we consider our waste. Sometimes, one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure, or at least maybe, that second man knows how to create treasure out of the trash materials…

We really need your help! Every item donated helps to raise funds for the school as for each kg donated, we receive 40p. Whatever is raised goes directly into buying items for the school that benefit our students. Last year, with the £300 raised, new dictionaries were bought for the English department, new equipment was purchased for the developing onsite gym and money towards the new lighting in the theatre helped to strengthen our school productions.

You can donate easily by dropping off your items at our school reception. We are looking for:

  • clothing
  • soft toys
  • belts
  • handbags
  • paired shoes
  • hats

Thank you in advance for your support and especially to all of those who have already taken the time to bring their donations in.

Sixth Form Ice Ball Postponed due to Snow

In light of the snow, the Sixth Form Ice Ball at Warbrook House has been postponed, and will now take place on the evening of Friday 8th February. Many thanks to the staff at Warbrook House for accommodating this date change without additional cost.