Adverse weather conditions

In the event of bad weather you can keep up-to-date on Met Office warnings, including school closures in the area, by listening to Heart FM (97.0FM and 102.9FM) or click "Listen Live" on their website; BBC Radio Berkshire (104.1 and 104.4FM, 94.6FM and 95.4FM and DAB) or click "Listen Live" on their website and on Reading 107 (107.0FM).

Headteacher's Update

It has been a busy term, Year 7 have now fully settled into school and most are starting to establish routines that will support them in their studies. We use a system called ClassCharts to record both praise of students’ positive behaviour for learning and of course, the negative side of any behaviours. This allows us to form a picture of each child’s participation and engagement in lessons. Tutors are able to see a summary report for each of their tutees so please do contact them if you have any concerns.

We have held parents’ evenings for year groups that should have provided a picture of your child’s progress subject wide. Attendance at events was positive at around 80% but I would like to see over 90% attendance so that staff are able to engage with as many parents as possible. I apologise that some recent parents’ evenings have been impacted by staff illness.